97% of people who get started online, fail. Making money online is actually very simple. Solution: Education

It's kinda easy, if you want money, you'll find ways to earn.

How to get Started

Step One

The beginner course is free, and they teach you the very basics how to setup a blog and find the right product to promote, you can even choose to sell their service (what I'm doing here).

Take the other courses if you feel that the site is helping you.

Follow the steps and you can expect some money in 1-2 months (speaking of my own experience).

Step Two (do in the meantime)

and start immediately promoting your Affiliate & Product Links.

In fact, I learned a lot of very useful stuff I can use for promoting projects I personally use and like that I decided to add this education program to my product mix.


I’m recommending MWA to everyone who’s seeking success in their business or even thinks about starting from scratch (hey poorfag).

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